Professional Development Programs for Employers

Unprecedented changes are happening in the business world every day. What does your company need to do to stay ahead? We offer customized programs in leadership, communication, finance, healthcare management, operations, strategic retail marketing, and much more. Our top-ranked faculty can develop the ideal training program to ensure your employees are ready for tomorrow’s business opportunities.

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Open Enrollment Programs for Individuals

Is it time to reach for the next step in your career? Even a small investment in your education can lead to big returns. We can help you develop the skills you need to move ahead. Consider our five-day Certificate in Business Management program [link] or explore our selection of specialized courses in GMAT or GRE preparation and financial education.

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Location Schedule Focus Cost Credential Who?
CBE DC Metro 5 Fridays Business Leadership $3750 certificate All Professionals
CBM Williamsburg 5 days Business Operations $3750 certificate Management
BA Williamsburg 3 days Data Driven Strategy $2250 certificate Executives
GRE/GMAT Online Variable Test Prep $400 Prospective Students